Monday, April 30, 2012

Birds in the Rose Garden

Finally saw goldfinches land on the coil bird feed!  It took a couple of weeks and I could see them flying towards the feeder and stopping.  Was strange, since the feeder advertises that the feeder's coil makes it easier for birds to land on the feeder.  I bought this at Ollies Bargain Outlet for $5.99 they sell good stuff cheap that are mostly overstock, but sometimes the items have minor defects.  I was thinking that maybe it was here because birds don't land on it.

I observed an increase in Mocking Bird activity today and saw my first Cat Bird.  Last year they were meowing all over the place.

The Rose Garden is looking okay.  Still recovering from a bad case of black spots, but over all looking good.  I will be taking more pictures as additional roses bloom.

Birds Observed today

1  Cat Bird
3 Cardinals - I think they are watching me come home from work.
1 Brown Headed Cowbird
4 Mourning Doves

I heard the Blue Jay Screeching when I out out the food!

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