Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was shopping in Kmart and saw stokes bird seed.  It was in the back of the store because around $15 for 40 pounds, its much better than buying the cheap brand on sale.  They have mixed premium wild bird seeds and thistle seed for finches.  The finch seed is also around $15, but you get double the amount of seed.  Few weeks ago I bought a cheap finch mix that the sparrows also loved.  The sparrows liked it so much they chewed holes in my finch sock feeder.  Was glad to find a more reasonable priced thistle seed and no more cheap finch mix for me.  Not sure the sock feeder is worth it with birds and squirrels biting holes in it.    I have replaced the sock feeder with a cool new tube feeder. I will post a picture later.  Below are links to Stokes website and blog..  The blog has lots of cool pictures.

stokes birds at home

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