Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catbird Horror Attack Averted with Bird Bath

Ready to Attack!
Last year I heard the mew mew of the cat bird all over the place.  Some times I would be sitting there and I would swear that my cat Bubba was in some trouble or had gotten out of the house.  This year the my friends the catbird arrived just in time for the re discovery of my strawberry garden.   It was no coincidence!  The catbirds ate a complete batch of strawberries before I noticed and covered up the garden.  It appeared as if our relationship was over.  They looked really mad.  They were forming around me like Alfred Hitchcock's  The Birds.  Man it was getting worse and worse they were gathering in the trees looking down at the covered strawberry garden and again at me.  It looked like the end was near!  I managed to avoid them for some weeks, but I was not so sure how long I could hold out! Then, on May 5, I bought a wow only $12 bird bath from Walgreens.  I noticed the were no longer gathering menacingly in the woods staring down at the strawberries.  Later I would find them flying around looking and looking.  I found them walking down the walkway and looking at the birdbath.  And Finally, I think we are friends again , when I discovered the catbirds enjoying the bird bath!  I think I may have seen them smiling.  Below are pictures of the the Catbirds going for a swim and other friends, Mourning Dove and the Sparrow.  I would like to imitate these pictures in my sisters pool this Memorial Day Weekend!

Looking for a fight!
Looking For a Fight?

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