Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day and Wiffle Char Tournament

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Reinhardt Rose Field
Whipp Stadium
Growing up I play wiffle ball a lot.  Many times it was by myself.  Not everybody could just play      Wiffle Ball forever like I would like to do.  To me the back yard was a very cool stadium with all it's own ground rules, cool quirks, and history.  I used to throw the ball up in the air and hit all by myself.  I made up 2 teams of players and pretended I was each player through the lineup.  It was crazy! I would play all the way until after dark.  The yard really transformed into a real Baseball Stadium in my mind, you know like on the Muppet Babies.  Well for some years I ignored all of this stuff until sometime in 2009.  I was in the backyard with my nephew playing with a bat and a ball and it happened.  Between the shed and the pool wall a stadium appeared before my eyes! This also happened to be the year where my sister's pool was damaged and would not be ready for Memorial Day and some how the Wiffle Char Tournament was born!  I believe my sister thought of the name.  Since there was no pool that year we all played in the big tournament.  I bought several different balls and bats.  I sat at work thinking of fencing and places to go and get different balls and bats.  It was Wiffle Mania!  I had Wiffle BallsJunk Balls, Blitz Balls, Cheap Generic sets from all over.  Bought some old set that look like it was lost in the warehouse for years.  It's still my favorite bat. I even brought some fencing and setup a center field camera.  I knew that every year we would not have this same tournament, since the pool soon would be fixed, but I will not forget.  Still now when I look at a yard or an open area, I look and think about what kind of wiffle ball field would would that be?  I would like to draw out more sometime, but attached are the 3 fields I actually have mapped out.  I have to spend all this time being a grown man, I don't get the chance. I still enjoy a nice day of hitting all by myself.  I new that everybody is not so in to it as me, so I got myself a cheap little wiffle type ball pitching machine.  Its a Franklin Mlb Pitching Machine and it has some bad reviews, but they just got to set it up right  and have patience.  I bought a sack of cheap balls from Toys R Us that shoot straighter out of the machine.
Raspeburg Post Office
 I will look to hit a few this weekend.  Looking for a Shed Shot or a Splash Down Home Run to the pool would be awesome!  What I will do during this time is think of all of the service men who have and are giving there lives so I can sit her thinking of all of this crap.  Writing this I think how we can afford to work, play, and live our lives thanks to all who continue to die and fight for this country.   I have 3 videos of the very first tournament that are embedded below.  In the second game we were reminded of why we celebrate Memorial Day when you hear the band play down by the VFW, even if Kevo dances like a fool.  Have a great Memorial Day and remember all who have died for this country.

Whats this all have to do exactly with the Rose Garden?  You will see in the diagram of Reinhardt Rose Field, that a ball hit into the Rose Garden is an out if the Rose Bush Happens to make the catch!

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