Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rose Flash Photography and Some Other pics

Many times when I was taking picture I felt that the flash was too much.  When it was dark it look phony and when it was bright it was too bright.  I often tried it so that you would see the yellow stuff clearly.  I looked it up and the yellow stuff is anther. I accidentally took a picture a few days ago with a flash and liked what I saw.  So I played around with it and even looked up some stuff about flash photography.  I should really get a better camera.  I even viewed a YouTube video about flash photography.  It mostly dealt with human subjects, but was cool anyway.  I embedded the video at the bottom of this post.  I should look for more related to roses and flowers.  This guy's site,, has a bunch of photography and image editing lessons and videos.  So,  back to my rose pictures.  I found that taking the pictures just before the sun went down and before it got too dark was the perfect time for some flash photography of the roses.  Some turned out and some really sucked.  Below are a couple of my favorites and then a slideshow of the whole thing.

Yellow Stuff

More Yellow Stuff

Last Year's Mother's day Rose from Val to Mom

I swear there is the face of a Witch in there somewhere!

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