Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strawberry Update - Oh No Catbirds!

  Lost a whole batch of strawberries to the Catbird!  Started seeing the Catbirds around and did not realize their true intentions right away.  The birds were eating the strawberries left and right!  Lucky for me I had something I could use to cover the strawberry plants.  I had bought this Outdoor Table Screen from CarolWrightGifts.com that you hang over a patio umbrella.  It works for hanging over umbrella if you have a very small table to go along with it.  But I'm glad I have it now to protect my strawberries.  Now that I have them covered I can eat the strawberries left and right.  That catbirds have moved on to eating insects in in the rose garden.

Outdoor Table Screen Covering Strawberries

Strawberry Eating Catbird 

Strawberry Eating Catbird

Mom Loves Strawberries

Hellena Loves Strawberries

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