Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vegetable Garden Part 1

After spending some time with mom for mother's day, I started planting my vegetable garden. Mom elected to eat at a bar on Friday night with crab cakes, steak, and Beer for Mother's Day. First we planted 8 corn stalks that I found at Walmart all ready to go. I have had mixed results with corn. The first year was great! We had a big pile of corn and cut off some of the bad parts. Last year however was a disaster! The corn was planted too shallow and too close together. They kept falling over and getting flattened from strong storms. We all so planted too many. Then we left them on too long got a lot of rain and the corn harvest was destroyed. They got real soft and birds and insects ate them. This year I hope we learned some lessons and can have a good corn harvest. The corn is called Silver Queen Corn. After that we planted 4 Better Boy tomatoes. Mom always said that dad liked the big boy so I got these thinking if dad liked the Big Boys then he will really love the Better Boys. Then we added a Husky Cherry Red and a Roma tomato plants. Got to have some Cherry Tomatoes so I can just eat them all the time and Hellena really liked the Roma. They are said to be great for paste and sauce and she likes there Flavor. Later this week, I will be planting 10 pepper plants. This year we stuck with a favorites, almost. I will tell you about them later. I wrote this post and took all of the pictures from my crappy blackberry. I was being lazy after a long Mother's Day Weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

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