Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Take So Many Pictures in the Rose Garden?

Me arguing my point and taking pictures.
 I have been taking pictures as much as I can to capture thw garden at different stages of growth and bloom.  The red roses only bloom 1 time a year and I try to spend time each day taking pictures and looking around the garden.  My girlfriend, pictuers in the collage, keeps nagging me anout taking fhe pictures.  Why you always taking pictures of the same thing?  What are you doing that for?  And I tell her, don't you realize that the plats are growing and blooming and these are not the same pictures?  That eventually all the roses will bloom and there will be red everywhere?  Her response is to just wait until then.  Wait until they are all bloomed and then take a picture.  I should wait until full bloom, take a picture, and be done!  Anyway, after knowing me for 15 years, she should know my addiction to taking pictures of Roses, Birds, Sunrise, Sunsets, Sky, Stars, Moon, Light, Dark, Snow, and pretty much anything and everything.  I like to carry camera around and act like Peter Parker.  I use a nice cheap Kodak that I have gotten completely soaked in rain or snow and don't care and it still works.  The drawback is that it sometimes does not focus as you want and no manual adjustment.  Need to get a new camera.  I always like taking the same pictures over and over again of the same thing.  To below is a collage of all the pictures.

I did not observe many birds, just a couple of Mourning Doves and some sparrows, couple of bad pics below.  Most of my bird watching was of the Orioles beating the Yankees 5-0.  Go Orioles! 

Nice possible title images for my blog.  The middle angel has Emma's Raven Collar from back in 2000 when they won the Super Bowl!  Miss you Emma. 

And the rest of the pictures ...

Orange Tropicana getting ready to bloom!  Go O's!

Sister Val's Mothers Day Miniature 

Dad's White Roses

Dad's White Roses


This is the one above my head


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