Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hydrangeas Strike Back for Father's Day!

For many years we had a bunch of  Hydrangeas across the side of the house.  I never called them  Hydrangeas , I called them  Snowballs .  Mom tells me that my mom mom had called them that.  Apparently, there is some other similar all white flower called Snowballs?

Really I think both are right that the white plant is a type of  Hydrangea.  You might say that  Snowballs are white, but not the ones I thought about when looking at the  Hydrangea.  It always reminds me of the snowballs you eat from cup from the snowball stand or you make your own.  We had our own snowball setup for awhile in the kitchen.  Long ago there were large weeds  with thorns growing in the  Hydrangeas and mom paid a neighbor to pull them all out.  What happened expectantly was the man pulled out all of the weeds and the  Hydrangeas and they never grow back.  Well the weeds did, but not the Hydrangeas!  Well the Hydrangeas are back, well at least the Hydrangea.  My sister bought my mother a Hydrangea and we planted it last week.  Its a Father's Day Hydrangea!  We did not plant in the same place, but found a nice place where there is some shade in the morning and evening and a big space we would like it to cover.  Also, it is right in the front of the house for all to see.

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