Friday, June 15, 2012

Rose Garden Apocalypse?

The roses are very old.
How long will they Hold?
New zombie rose buds scattered red.
Why does the little Sparrow Lay dead?
Fresh dug holes are home to new pest.
Has the catbird left it's nest?
Angels, Saints, Mary, and Jesus uncovered.
Why do so many insects hover?
Dead rose blooms wither.
Where do the snakes slither?
Disease hampers revitalization.
Will there be new fertilization?
Weeds grow like crazy.
How can the gardener be so Lazy!
Transit of Venus observed like an eclipse.
Rose garden Apocalypse?


I have no idea why I expressed the state of the rose garden in a poem?  I think its a poem.  I don't think I have written one before.  I strictly intended this to be about the rose garden, but it may also have some hidden meaning in reference to the world 2012 Apocalypse and other things in human life.

The roses are old.  The bulk of my rose garden are red roses that were here before I was born.  Lets say anywhere between 20 - 100 years old.  Some of them have just died before I started taking better care of the roses.  I hope they will hold as long as I hold them.

Zombie Rose Buds?  I like zombies and zombie apocalypse was in the news?  You know those week smaller buds and blooms that occur after the big lively blooms have gone?  They are Zombie Rose Buds.  Sometimes occurring on weaker not properly attended plants.

I found a small sparrow dead in at the base of a bird feeder in the garden.  It appeared to be a young sparrow visiting the feeder.  Did not look to be too injured not sure what happened.  Buried the sparrow in the garden.

Not a very pleasant pests are found in Baltimore City.  Years ago all I would find is chipmunks and rabbits, but now circumstances have brought nastier pests.  If I insist on feeding the birds, there will be some difficulty removing them from the garden.  The garden is better than the house.

My friend the catbird did not like the traffic.  I feel bad because they left one blue egg in the nest, but they decided they needed a better location for a family.  They moved out front of my house in a bigger tree.  Looks like we still leave on the same property.  They needed their privacy.  They gave up the city life in the small apartment with the bath and all you can eat insects and berries for a big nice home where they can raise a family.

Garden Statues are in the open with no foliage covering them.  I want the garden to grow so big, that the statues are not visible.

Insects all over with no insect care being applied in weeks.

I have seen snakes in the rose garden.  Mostly, when I let too many weeds grow around the base of the rose bushes.  A few will scare the hell out of me this week.

I will need to spray with some disease control.

Fertilization, Yes, need to get some miracle-grow on them roses.

Weeds! Weeds!  Years ago my mother planted vines in selected places and they spread all over!  Poison Ivy grows all over the back of the garden.  There is a small tree growing like its part of the chain link fence.  I need a saw and a new weed eater.

Lazy Gardner?  Well this happens every year.  When I was in college I would come home early in the afternoon and work on the garden, but now I come home later.  The red roses only bloom until about late May and early June.  They are the main part of the garden.  It's hard to keep it up when they are done.  When it gets to this part of the year I like to care for vegetable garden and do some traveling and get out more.  And of course I'm lazy.

The transit of Venus was cool.  I stood and saw it by the garden until my eyes burned out and then had a few transit beers.

Rose garden Apocalypse?  Not yet, just need to keep working on the garden.  Just keep working at it and trying to find the time.  I would start each day by working in the garden each day if I could or may be I should jog each morning?

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