Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transit of Venus 2012 and Surprise Photos!

I rushed home and ignored the cloud cover and I was rewarded.

At the last minute I decieded I wanted to see the transit.  I went to 3 stores looking for the proper glasses with no luck.  Finally, I looked up if it was okay to view through your camera LCD screen.  It was okay for your eyes but could damage the camera's image sensor.  I deceided I would give it a try.  While at work it did not look good with lots of cloud cover and several work requests that keep me at work longer than expected.  I was mad and thought I might not make it home.  I got there just in time but the clouds were still there.  I was about to give up when my mother yelled, THE SUN ther it is!  I ran out side got my camera and I could not see a thing through the LCD screen, it was too bright.  Then the clouds came back and I was able to see the Sun through a nature filter.  I tool a couple of pictures not sure if Venus was in the shot or not.  Below are the pictures I was able to get.  No glasses, filter, or special lense! 
Thanks to some cloud cover I was able to see the Transit of Venus!

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