Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Love a Hoe to my Finger!

I spent the weekend with my favorite gardener. Our first gardening encounter was probably rolling in the dirt and a hoe to my finger.   Later we would have several gardening encounters.    The battle of the cucumber patch. The planting of the trees.  Don't dare trim my willow tree standoff.  And I'm sure we had many more.  Maybe she will remember better.

Me,  I stick mostly to roses, birding, and some vegetables.  I'm good with roses and birds, but when we talk about all of the different, plants, flowers, butterflies, I really need to take notes.  I think I fill up all that mind space up with sports and beer.  She plants so many cool looking flowers.  There is a group of trees that someday will be a mighty orchard with Oriole birds flying around and featuring great Emma Peaches, had one this weekend it was totally awesome.  It made me bark and say Roll roll ROLL(I Love you in Emma Dog) ?  The Late Great Emma Dog is Buried under a peach tree.  Millions of grapes and other vines will one day rule the vineyard. The Owl in the clown pants on the pergola will be proud. Humming birds and Butterflies (and probably some bees) galore will enjoy the vast variety of plants just for them.  All the different planters, garden statues, and garden stakes will one day make this a fine art gardening museum.  All the bird houses will hove no vacancy and the martin houses will scrape the sky.  The bird camera will one day capture rare never before seen pictures of butterflies, birds, and the back of her head.  While she herself is an awesome photographer.  The fountains will explode like old faithful.  It will be filled with birds drinking. bathing, and unfortunately, pooping.

I hate that sometimes I get carried away in drinking, eating, and joking.  Like that time in Assateague where I saw the busted up road and all the sand and could not shut up about Mad Max and the Apocalyptic wasteland we were traveling through.  I swear I thought we were going to Bartertown and the Thunderdome.  I really got carried away.

If I thought of something about gardening or birds that I could not accomplish here in the city it would telepathically travel to her.  No astral projection and the insidious old lady man crap.

Of course I'm talking about my sister.  I think she should create a blog or other page about all of the gardening she does.  I run dry on this blog, but she would kick my ass in cool stuff to write.  She is the greatest gardener, she will not stop learning and trying and doing awesome stuff.  She is very intelligent and I hope she does not feel like she is wasting her life.  We should have just went away somewhere and became farmers or something.  Maybe we should have grown up on a farm or been Amish.  I guess we were meant to see the Tawn (Daughter) and The Boy Val (Son).  Sometimes I think we should have just been the Batman and Robin of birding, gardening, photography, astronomy, or whatever the hell we want.  We probably will be one day.  Even cats if you must, as long as one has a Natty Bo mustache.

Thanks to all who fought, served, died, and stood up for and continue to stand for and live for Independence for us all.   Happy 4th of July!

Hey Val, I think we should take a few million pictures and add them to this blog post!

Love Char


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