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What You Have to Do to Prepare Your Rose Garden for Spring

What You Have to Do to Prepare Your Rose Garden for Spring

What You Have to Do to Prepare Your Rose Garden for Spring
By David Elefant

Do you live in a region where spring arrives in late March or early April? If that is the case, that makes you an "early spring" rose gardener. But, if March or early April still has people skiing in your area then you will only be able to use our rose garden tips once the cold season has passed and spring has arrived.

The beginning of spring is the moment that will have you actively arranging your rose garden. As you get ready to see the gorgeous rose buds that should appear magically in the next few days. In short, here is a rundown of things to do so that your roses will have a great year.

Start by removing from your roses the dirt you may have covered them with or any other protective items. Your roses will have to adapt again to the warm sun and mild rains of the coming months.

You may find damaged and dead canes that did not subsist the winter on your rose bushes. Cut them off before starting your spring pruning. Remove any residue or debris that may be around the base of your bushes.

To nourish your rose plants add some organic compounds to the soil. You can mix up your own by using a blend of composted manure or mushroom compost, or any of the usual meal blends which can include alfalfa, cottonseed, fish or blood meal. Don't want to get your hands dirty outside of your regular gardening tasks. Buy a pre-packed mix from a garden supply store.

Break up the dirt around your roses to allow water to reach the roots. Winter cold may have hardened the soil. Rose bushes need well drained dirt to flourish.

You are now ready if you like to add new rose plants to your garden.

Opinions diverge on what is the best time to start your regular fungicide treatment. We recommend you start immediately. Others say to begin 14 days after you finish pruning.

Use different fungicides throughout the year to stop any fungi from obtaining immunity to a specific brand product.

The use of pesticides should be avoided. Only use them if you notice apparent damage. Keep on the lookout for aphids. Use a strong spray of water to remove them or put an insecticide to the infected area.

Your rose garden is now all set for spring, but your work is not over yet. Summer will soon be here. Read our Spring Rose Garden Care article to learn how to prepare your roses for the coming summer.

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