Friday, June 20, 2014

3 days in Reinhardt Rose Garden

Google added this nice set of pics from the garden.  Roses, Strawberries and Hellena mowing the lawn!

Click on link to read story: 3 days in Reinhardt Rose Garden

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yes! Yes! Yes! First Roses of 2014!

Funny I wrote this great post and then accidentally deleted it!  Here goes again.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The First Roses of 2014 are here! They are not the Biggest or the Baddest, but I love these roses!  Unfortunately, I don't really know what type of roses they are because they were already here in 1970 when my parents bought this house.  They had been neglected, forgotten, removed, trampled, reappeared, and transplanted for many years!  Finally, the roses have returned to the rose garden!  Last year the first rose came and that was all, it was my first and last post!  I hope to have more time this year.  Considering last year's post, I was trying to think of a creative way to introduce my first rose of 2014. When I saw the first rose I acted like it took 20 pictures for me to finally see the rose.  First Rose of 2013!  I did see that the rose started to bloom about a week late this year.  Normally, I'm taking pictures of roses all over by Mother's Day!

What I finally came up with is this Andy Warhol inspired collage! It looks like there might be 2 of the orginials in the collage, I'm not sure.  My favorite is the posterised version!

Now for the actually pictures.  I took these pictures yesterday, this morning, and when I got home from work.  These little roses open up wide and I try and catch them before they open all the way.  There was actually a tie and 2 roses bloomed first this year.  The first was hidden under some branches and the second was hanging out over the fence in the open.

Here is the first rose.  Ready for you closeups?
From yesterday afternoon 5/14
Using my old Kodak easy share this morning 5/15
Using iPhone Morning 5/15
Here are the originals not cropped.  This rose was up high and you see I missed a deadhead in the lower right corner!  I promise these pictures are from today!

Here are a couple of pictures of the second rose that had it a bit rough hanging out in the open.

Roses are done taking pictures!  Letting loose and opening up!  Here is what they looked like when I got home from work.

Got this amazing picture of an invisible cat!  She just thinks she's invisible.  It's the neighbor's cat and I pay no attention to her.  I talk to her but don't really look at her.  Sometimes she will roll all around on the ground at my feet,  but I will pay her no attention because she is just testing her invisibility!  Also, she is great at hiding in weeds and in the garden scaring the crap put of me!  I should get a new cat sometime.

Finally, another Andy Warhol inspired collage.  I was not going to leave the rough rose out!

Also, there is this wrestler Adam Rose and he comes out and dances with a group of people and says to people - "Don't be a Lemon be a rose bud!"  Starting to grow on me and he has a nice twitter page with roses in the background!  @WWEAdamRose 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Never Before Seen Photos! What Happened 2013!

My 2013 Gardening Photo Review.  Only 2 posts?  What Happened?

My last post last year was my First Rose!


Charlie and Hellena
The Rest

Before the roses!

I'm 7'5''
Checking up on Emma Peaches!  My Dog Emma is buried under this Peach Tree.  Can't wait to see it's progress in 2014!

Visit with Emma Dog Peach Tree!

Fun with panoramic!

Harvest fun!

Spaghetti Sauce from the Tomatoes and Wings made with sauce from my habaneros and chili peppers.
Oh course I had my sister make it!
Was this the Wings or Spaghetti sauce?
I enjoyed the 1 good Cantaloupe
but could not get a watermelon
Mom made her stuffed peppers!

Some Surprises!

Where did the sunflowers, tomatoes, and rabbits come fro?

Tomato plant just grows out of nowwhere!
Birdseed Sunflowers!

Have not seen rabbits in the yard for years!  I think they liked the watermelon plants!

The Roses!

I did not take as many as I thought!  Here are my favorites from 2013!

Unknown Red Rambler/Climber here when we moved on in 1970

Possible JFK

Same Unkown

JFK and House


Tropicana with Flash in the rain

Tropicana no flash ion the rain

When i see this, it spins in my mind like a Hurricane!

My sister planted a Rose of course I think she lost the name!
Glad she has a rose planted!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Roses and Wrestling!

Wrestling and the rose garden? Recently I have started watching wrestling again.  I loved it as a child and later watched often in the 90's.  My favorite was  Hulk Hogan,  mostly due to Hulkamania starting in 1984 and Wrestlemania in 1985.  The other thing is that Hogan has the same birthday as my Dad! My Dad passed away right before the first Wrestlemania I and I only had sisters, so the wrestlers became a big male influence in my life.  In the 90's I was just lucky my sister lived with a guy getting all the PPVs!  I could go on and on talking about wrestling for hours.  Last Friday,  I gave my sister and girlfriend a long rundown as I waited for Hulk Hogan's appearance on Smackdown.  They really loved it, not really!

 What really got me into wrestling again was the WWE Network and the announcement that Hulk Hogan would be hosting Wrestlemania!  The WWE Network for only $9.99  including all PPV and an extensive video vault was a great bargain.  Been watching so much wrestling.  Even though my twitter account was primary for the rose garden, I have tweeted some wrestling stuff lately.  The WWE constantly announces hash tags and trending world wide.  Well,  they  have finally got to me,  and I feel slightly brainwashed!  My favorites are #YesMovement and #ThankYouTaker from the past week.  Something happened this past weekend that had Roses and Wrestling twisting and turning in my head!  The weather was great and Wrestlemania XXX was just around the corner. The following ere are my Roses and Wrestling Observation from Wrestlemania Weekend!

The Gazebo Cage Match Pruning

I had one of those cheap gazebos with the netting over top a metal frame.  It was good enough.  I got it at Ollie's Bargain Outlet. They do have good stuff cheap, but often with some minor flaws.  This gazebo had poles that connect and clip to a small base part. The small base can be spiked to the ground.  Unfortunately, the holes where the pole clips in were in the wrong place and made spiking to the ground useless.   During the Preakness stakes in 2012 we had crabs and beer in the Gazebo. When the big race started we had many beers and were yelling and cheering.  I had an old TV outside to watch.  It was very exciting we were all cheering and yelling for our favorite horses.Well somehow I managed to stumble and start to fall over right at the end of the race!  Tables, chair, and my girlfriend (of course I grabbed her!) were going down!  I managed to grab onto the metal frame and save the fall,  but the gazebo was bent pretty good.  You know this reminds me of many wrestling moments!  Stone Cold drinking beer and yelling "Give ma a Hell Yeah"!  All of the brawls in Piper's Pit with furniture flying around!  How about the shock master tripping and falling?  Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth wedding when the snakes are in the wedding gifts and everything goes crazy!  I have seen plenty of these on the WWE Network over the last few months!  Anyway, I managed to bend the gazebo back and add some duck tape to make it as good as new for at least another month.  The next month in 2012,  I was out of town visiting my sister for my birthday and the rare derecho storm hit and  pretty much demolished the gazebo.  I managed to bend all back and duck tape again, but much of the net and roof were ripped.  It sat there like as a bird perch and reminded me of some type of octagon steel cage until Wrestlemania XXX weekend.  I had this great idea of placing the metal frame in the Rose Garden.  The roses can be tied to it and it can provide support, and the roses can just grow all over it.  Will also make a good place to hang bird feeders and a bird hangout.  No this did not remind me of KoKo beware!  What it had me thinking about is a Rose Garden Steel Caged match!  Featuring the Cactus Jack and Terry Funk in a hardcore championship battle!  They had many matches falling on thumb tacks and barbed wire,  so why not rose thorns?  This would also be a terrific way to get all of my pruning completed?  There is one great match where Cactus Jack gets slammed of the top of the cage onto a table and through the cage and the mat!  As long as they protect there eyes from thorns, this should be a great match!

Ladder Match Bird Feeder Undisputed Champion

 Next I cleaned, reloaded, and hung some bird feeders.  Two of them I hung up high in a tree and required a ladder.  While I was up there messing around with the feeders I was thinking of Razor Ramon standing on the ladder holding up the 2 intercontinental title belts after beating HBK in one of the greatest ladder matches of all time!  He was added to the WWE HOF last weekend.  I tried to get my girlfriend, Hellena,  to take a picture of me on the ladder holding the feeders, but she just gave me a crazy look.  Maybe by the time I post this she will do it!  I did do a WM photo shoot in one of my new Hulkamania shirts!
Hellena was right!  He is on the top of the Ladder!

What is the PPV of the Rose Garden?

 Currently,  my annual pay-per-view would be Rose Garden Apocalypse, but one day I would hope to have Rosemania!  How about Summer Bloom 2014!

How about some Catchphrases

Yes! Yes Yes! Yes movement off my butt and into the garden!
Do you smell what the Rose is cooking?
You can't see me!  There's too many roses!
Whatcha Gonna Do When Rosemania Runs Wild on You?

Some Rose Wrestlers

Buddy Rose - Gained way too much weight later in his career.

 Adam Rose - Been around awhile and has a new name!  I like his logo, but not his gimmick too much.


RIP Ultimate Warrior

Remember the Ultimate Warrior! "Parts Unknown" T-shirt Collection Now available at WWE Shop! Available in Black or Yellow for men, women, and children. Shop and Save Now!

Growing up I liked the Ultimate Warrior but I never wanted him to beat Hulk Hogan! Later I got some revenge from Hollywood Hogan and the NWO!

It was awesome this past weekend to see the Warrior return to WWE.  He was Inducted into the HOF and spoke on RAW to the fans.  The Warrior appeared excited and happy to return.  Constantly, he thanked the crowd and the unsung workers of wrestling.  It was hard to hear the next day that the Warrior had collapsed and died .  The feeling was unfair and unreal..  I'm happy that the Warrior was able to reconnect and reconcile with so many in WWE.  I pray for the Warrior's wife and 2 young girls.  It is good to hear that the WWE offering help to the family.

The Warrior died in the process of me writing this post.  I have been trying to think of a way I can include the Warrior in my Rose garden and wrestling post. I remember the Warrior's awesome promos where you had trouble figuring out what he was talking about!  Reminds me of the poem, Rose garden Apocalypse, I wrote a few years back.

The roses are very old.
How long will they Hold?
New zombie rose buds scattered red.
Why does the little Sparrow Lay dead?
Fresh dug holes are home to new pest.
Angels, Saints, Mary, and Jesus uncovered.
Why do so many insects hover?
Dead rose blooms wither.
Where do the snakes slither?
Disease hampers revitalization.
Will there be new fertilization?
Weeds grow like crazy.
How can the gardener be so Lazy!
Transit of Venus observed like an eclipse.
-Charles Reinhardt

From the Warrior's last live address to the crowd:

Warrior said: "No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own. Every man's heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized."

The Warrior was never afraid of anything and would always fight to make things right!  This year I will be a Warrior in the Rose Garden!