Friday, May 2, 2014

Never Before Seen Photos! What Happened 2013!

My 2013 Gardening Photo Review.  Only 2 posts?  What Happened?

My last post last year was my First Rose!


Charlie and Hellena
The Rest

Before the roses!

I'm 7'5''
Checking up on Emma Peaches!  My Dog Emma is buried under this Peach Tree.  Can't wait to see it's progress in 2014!

Visit with Emma Dog Peach Tree!

Fun with panoramic!

Harvest fun!

Spaghetti Sauce from the Tomatoes and Wings made with sauce from my habaneros and chili peppers.
Oh course I had my sister make it!
Was this the Wings or Spaghetti sauce?
I enjoyed the 1 good Cantaloupe
but could not get a watermelon
Mom made her stuffed peppers!

Some Surprises!

Where did the sunflowers, tomatoes, and rabbits come fro?

Tomato plant just grows out of nowwhere!
Birdseed Sunflowers!

Have not seen rabbits in the yard for years!  I think they liked the watermelon plants!

The Roses!

I did not take as many as I thought!  Here are my favorites from 2013!

Unknown Red Rambler/Climber here when we moved on in 1970

Possible JFK

Same Unkown

JFK and House


Tropicana with Flash in the rain

Tropicana no flash ion the rain

When i see this, it spins in my mind like a Hurricane!

My sister planted a Rose of course I think she lost the name!
Glad she has a rose planted!

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