Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yes! Yes! Yes! First Roses of 2014!

Funny I wrote this great post and then accidentally deleted it!  Here goes again.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The First Roses of 2014 are here! They are not the Biggest or the Baddest, but I love these roses!  Unfortunately, I don't really know what type of roses they are because they were already here in 1970 when my parents bought this house.  They had been neglected, forgotten, removed, trampled, reappeared, and transplanted for many years!  Finally, the roses have returned to the rose garden!  Last year the first rose came and that was all, it was my first and last post!  I hope to have more time this year.  Considering last year's post, I was trying to think of a creative way to introduce my first rose of 2014. When I saw the first rose I acted like it took 20 pictures for me to finally see the rose.  First Rose of 2013!  I did see that the rose started to bloom about a week late this year.  Normally, I'm taking pictures of roses all over by Mother's Day!

What I finally came up with is this Andy Warhol inspired collage! It looks like there might be 2 of the orginials in the collage, I'm not sure.  My favorite is the posterised version!

Now for the actually pictures.  I took these pictures yesterday, this morning, and when I got home from work.  These little roses open up wide and I try and catch them before they open all the way.  There was actually a tie and 2 roses bloomed first this year.  The first was hidden under some branches and the second was hanging out over the fence in the open.

Here is the first rose.  Ready for you closeups?
From yesterday afternoon 5/14
Using my old Kodak easy share this morning 5/15
Using iPhone Morning 5/15
Here are the originals not cropped.  This rose was up high and you see I missed a deadhead in the lower right corner!  I promise these pictures are from today!

Here are a couple of pictures of the second rose that had it a bit rough hanging out in the open.

Roses are done taking pictures!  Letting loose and opening up!  Here is what they looked like when I got home from work.

Got this amazing picture of an invisible cat!  She just thinks she's invisible.  It's the neighbor's cat and I pay no attention to her.  I talk to her but don't really look at her.  Sometimes she will roll all around on the ground at my feet,  but I will pay her no attention because she is just testing her invisibility!  Also, she is great at hiding in weeds and in the garden scaring the crap put of me!  I should get a new cat sometime.

Finally, another Andy Warhol inspired collage.  I was not going to leave the rough rose out!

Also, there is this wrestler Adam Rose and he comes out and dances with a group of people and says to people - "Don't be a Lemon be a rose bud!"  Starting to grow on me and he has a nice twitter page with roses in the background!  @WWEAdamRose 

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