Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Dead Cat


Random Dead Cat 

I buried a cat yesterday
I guess it was a stray
Could not throw it away
My garden is where it played
It reappeared today
The cat is alive, Hooray
Random dead cat decay
In my garden to stay
I found a dead cat by my car Tuesday (No, i did not run it over).   I was certain it was a friendly cat that normally hangs in my yard.  I actually left it there thinking it belong to the neighbor and they might claim it while I was at work.  While at work I forgot about the dead cat and when I got out of the car it scared the hell out of me.  I grabbed a trash bag and considered throwing the cat away, but I remembered all the times the cat greeted me after work and decided to bury the cat.

On Wednesday, I got home late and there in the dark standing at the gate was the cat.  My first reaction was to kick at it!  So it ran a few feet and few feet more as I walked down the path.  I never really pet the cat just talk to it and stuff.  I was very happy and excited to see this cat.  I guess there were 2 cats? Never saw them together.  I just assume I buried a random dead cat in my yard.

RIP Random Dead Cat