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Scentsy Business Opportunity Review

Scentsy Business Opportunity Review Scentsy Business Opportunity Review
By David James Boozer
Scentsy was established in July of 2009 and has seen substantial growth with the guidance of it's CEO partnership of Heidi and Orvillie Thompson. The philosophy behind the company is based around "contributing more than you take." So how does this company's philosophy make for no smoke, soot or wax mess from a regular candle?
Scentsy's product line consists of a warmer that uses a low-watt bulb (wickless burner) to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scentsy Bar or Brick. The warmer can also be designed to match d├ęcor for a particular room or a whole entire home. The slow melting system allows for no smoke, soot or wax mess to clean up, but adds the flare of a candle lit room with flickering light and specialized scent.
Through network and multilevel marketing the company uses individual distributors to market their product. Through party hosting in homes is the main platform used to sell the wickless burner system. Direct and or, network marketing can be hard for those without a large enough warm market to create a ground floor business with. Online marketing could help with marketing the products by using free methods and platforms. Internet marketing does come with a learning curve but the curve can be made simple through effective programs that can be found. Scentsy does offer some sales help and techniques while in the home and some offline lead gathering tactics, but for the most part it seems you will need to find further education.
To start your business with the company comes from contacting a company representative and a $99 dollar cost of starter kit. There is a $150 order fee every three month to continue you business partnership with Scentsy as well. The commission plan was not found on their website, but it can be assumed that there will be commission paid on the direct retail sales of the products with bonus levels to be met through recruiting others. There was no mention of team builder bonuses that are a norm for many network or multilevel marketing companies. The product choice is limited to only the wickless burner system and scent bricks, but do come in a variety of scents and styles that can also be personalized.
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