Friday, April 1, 2016

Black Aggie

Video from the Travel Channel click here! they will no longer allow it to be embedded.

I'm obsessed with this sculpture.  Video and Picture below.    

Excerpt From the above Washington Post linked article:

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Henry was bereft. To memorialize Clover, he turned to one of America’s greatest sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Henry had become fascinated by Eastern religion and, as art historian Cynthia J. Mills recounted in a 2000 article in the American Art journal, he asked the sculptor:

“to design an ideal figure embodying ideas similar to the Buddhist concept of nirvana: release from the cycles of life and death, desire and pain— an extinction of the passions, leading to inner quietude.”

The sculpture is know as the Adams Memorial.  Details are in the article link above. There are a few copies I wish to visit, The one that interests me the most is the unauthorized copy refereed to as Black Aggie.  There are at least 3 versions in DC to visit.  Maybe one day I will visit.  They should just give it to me since its unauthorized and the Smithsonian would not keep it.

Black Aggie Courtesy of vr4Sweet

Another link to a blog I read - Washington DC's Haunted Statue

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