Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jesus in the Clouds! - The Short Version

I was starting to get dark, the weather looked ominous, and the O's game was starting.  I decided to forgo the first few innings and meditate.  Was thinking about Prince, my own death, and my recently renewed commitment to Faith and to Church.  While contemplating all of these things and questioning my commitment, I picked up a beer and leaned back in my chair and took a big drink.  With my head back coming forward,  I noticed something happening in the sky. The wind had picked up and the clouds appeared to move rapidly.  I felt like something was happening.  Was Jesus about to answer my doubts?  And there it was, I could not believe my eyes, a huge penis!  No wait that can't be right!  Leaning back further and as the clouds continued to move,  it appeared to be an arm and I followed it to what looked  like the side profile of a man.  I identified this as Jesus!  Frantically,  I tried to process the entire image, but finally reached for my phone and took a picture.  After, just a few seconds later all was calm.

The Picture does not do it justice.  It all happened in seconds and the image was huge.  It was all of the sky I could see with my head bent all the way back.  Part of the image appears to have already been distorted and leaves me with a mystery.

Full and crazy version of this story here:

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