Monday, July 4, 2016

Flag a Grave

It's 4th of July weekend and I'm gathering a few random things. I walk out the store with only a disposable liter box for the 4th.  My next destination brought me past the cemetery where my father was buried. I thought about grabbing a flag and heading over there and just did not do it. On the way, the thought occurred to me again.  Okay I will stop, but I don't have the flag now? Then, as if someone else was speaking to me,  I heard:

"One will be provided." 

Now I had all these images of flags laying loose about the cemetery and,  for a second,  had crazy thought about a stand at the gate selling flags.  Now I was there at the cemetery and no loose flags were around and I'm thinking what I'm doing? Now something tells me where to go.

"Walk up the pathway."

I start up the pathway to a statue of Jesus.   I had been up this path just a few weeks ago and felt and uncomfortable tightness for some reason and I felt this way again. Here comes the voice again. It says:

"You forgot something the last time you were here."

I start thinking, maybe I gave no mind to all these graves last time.  So I started looking and glancing at the names.   I see a vase with flowers toppled over and I walk off the path and fix it.  Again I follow up the path.  I'm starting to feel that there really is going to be a flag up here!  When I get to the end I think, this is ridiculous!  There is no flags up here! I decide I should walk around the statue anyway.  And there it was a small old worn flag with no stick.  I was excited that there actually was a flag up here, but I can't use that flag.  Then I heard:

"You can use the duck tape in your car, pick up the flag."

Okay, I'll give it a try.  I bent over at an angle and as I started up I came face to face with the picture of a young women on the front of a bench memorial.  I was drawn to the grave and looked up the name with my cell phone.  The young women had been killed in a horrible accident.  Something compelled me.  I made the sign of the cross and knelt down before the grave and said a small prayer.  After I was done, I thanked her for the flag and felt great as I walked back down the path.

Happy 4th of July

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