Monday, September 19, 2016

Dream a Final Destination

Friday I had a great day!  On the spur of the moment, I decided to buy a ticket to the Orioles game.  I left work early and parked at the top of the parking garage of the Horseshoe Casino.  It has a nice view, but boy it was hot and the park was about 1 mile away.   To me this corner of Baltimore reminds me of a real live train garden with a great panoramic view from the top of the parking garage.   Standing up there when the train goes by is better than any train garden I have ever seen.  You have raised highway, light rail, the street,  stadiums, casino, billboards, industrial towers, industrial tanks, church steeples, way to the south you can see planes coming and going, Middle Branch Trail, hospitals, Middle branch of the Patapsco river, and of course the trains.  I wish that all that park here could see the great train garden that runs through my mind.
 After a very a aggressive walk of 1.2 miles in the sweltering heat, I took my seat.  No, first I nearly collapsed at the top of the stairs, but a couple of beers and a hot dog cured me.  That 2 beer at a time policy is awesome when your by yourself!  I was in a hurry to see the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Orioles championship.  The played a cool 40 minute video that went trough highlights and video from all four games.  The whole time I was trying to clear my phone for some video of the ceremony.  I was able to grab about 2 minutes at the end to get my Mom's and nearly everyone's favorite Brooks Robinson!  During the game,  I sat next to a man who was a semi-pro baseball player and it was great talking baseball with him.  Bad news was I had to leave early to pickup my girlfriend at work.  On the way back I remembered my friend Sue and found her to say hi and bye.  "Great seats," I exclaimed as I walked back up the stairs.  Walking back past the statues of Johnny Unitas and Ray Lewis I was exhausted!  I stopped and bought a Gatorade and told the merchant,  "I'm not sure I'll make it."   She replied, "Your big and strong you will be okay especially after you drink that Gatorade!"  Now, I really had an extra bounce in my step.  I tried to take a picture with Ray Lewis, but my phone was filled to capacity with videos.  I have passed Ray several Times and for some reason or another I never can get that picture!  It was one of the best times I have ever had at the park just me and the game, a great neighbor to talk all about baseball,  and no bullshit. It was around 9:00 PM and there was still plenty of daylight as I reached my girlfriend and presented her with the free T-shirt from the game.  There is no one else on earth more excited to receive a good T-shirt!  We got something to eat and later when I went to sleep tired and happy with no troubles on my mind.  Then there was this dream.

It appears to be a nice sunny day and many people are out and about.  I'm sitting in my car with my girlfriend at what appears to be a large opening that leads to a busy road/highway.  Maybe the entrance to a park.  I say this because at my right a large group of teenage/college kids are gathered and having a great time.  They are standing around a blue convertible with the back of the car facing the highway. After some cheering and yelling a bunch them jump into the convertible and speed out into the highway in reverse.  They appear to make it okay and cross into the far lane.  I proceed to also enter the highway.   After a few seconds something happens.  There is a huge accident that causes a chain reaction.  Cars are going everywhere and I see the convertible getting wiped out in the distance.  Then a large truck trailer comes wobbling towards me and begins to fall on top of  us.  I hear my girlfriend yell "Woe Woe Woe!" Its as clear as hearing it right now.  I have this real feeling that we are going to die and I'm not upset about dying, but I have this the most horrible feeling that my friend will also die.  Quickly,  I try and reverse the car, but I believe it's too late, the dream goes black and I wake up in tears.

For the next day every time I thought or talked about it I began to tear up.  When I think of the dream my girlfriend's Woe Woe Woe was as real as when she says it when I drive her to around and she thinks I get to close or somebody starts to pull out in front of us.  It was terribly troubling and the feeling of us dying felt extremely real.  Girlfriend told me to stop talking about the dream.  She knows how I like to analyze and link together random events.  She tells me dreams like that mean you will have a long life,  which  I shrug off as a good way to clam children who have such a dream.  Anyway, I will pay close attention to any and all trucks around me.  That night we watched  X-men Apocalypse and as we sat int the theater a large ship freight trailer did appear to come towards us during the movie.  Maybe the future can't tell the difference between a movie and reality.  I continue to be on the lookout for any trucks.  Then on Thursday that horrible truck attack occurred in Nice, France.  I could not help but find some similarities.  I pray for everyone and those who were killed.  We all must be vigilante.  I will continue to be wary of  trucks.

Dream a Final Destination

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