Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Are you Life?

What a great line to remember.  I was riding my bike and came across the 2 boys that lived next to me.  They were best friends and I was just the other boy.  I eventually became good friends with 1 of them when the other moved away.  They rode by with a warning.  Hey, watch out those kids across the street are throwing rocks and trying to start a fight!    Truth is I was not even allowed across the street, but I was looking for friends.  When I got to the road there they were some younger kids yelling and trying to provoke me across the street.  They ran back through the alleyway and there was their house. Them and now their older brother,  Mike, began throwing rocks.  Mike was about my age and built smaller than me, but man they were so wild and fun.  Much funnier and cooler than the jerks on my side of the street!  Anyway, Mike came across the alley like a ninja super hero throwing rocks all around and I rode my bike right trough them and acted like I was unphased when a few of them hit me.  They were impressed and amazed, but I don’t remember the exact verbal exchange.  I know I did for awhile.  I can still see their faces.  Cool Mike and his little brother making funny goofy and shocked faces.  I believe it was the next day when we came face to face without all the rocks flying.  I still remember the corner where we met.  He said to me, Are you Life?  He could see I was confused and followed up with one or both of the following, Have you heard of Life or do you know Life?  Finally, I understood what he was saying, but a person named Life?  In a question I replied, Life Magazine? I have heard of Life Magazine.  Now he was confused for a minute!  After this moment of confusion, I was probably laughing and he had no idea why, Mike sad I thought you were Life.  He may have even said I look like Life.  I’m not sure I ever met Life who knowws.  With this confirmation that I was not Life or with his gang, I was invited to join Mike’s gang. You want to be in my gang?  I accepted and we became friends.  I sometimes wonder about life.  At that immediate time, I thought one day our gangs would meet in an alley or something one day.  I hope to know Life one day!