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5 Great Tips For Upside Down Tomatoes

5 Great Tips For Upside Down Tomatoes

5 Great Tips For Upside Down Tomatoes
By Donald S Short

You may think that planting tomatoes in a pot or in a garden is the only way to grow them but you're mistaken. Surprisingly, there is another way of growing tomatoes. You can actually grow them upside down! This may seem unusual and odd but it actually works and has a lot of advantages. One advantage is that you won't have to bend down for digging and weeding. Another is that since the plant is hanging above the ground, they will be protected from contracting ground based pests, soil based fungi and diseases.

Intrigued? Well, if you are and you want to try your hand in growing upside down tomatoes, follow these tips:

Tip 1: Not All Plants Are Created Equal

There are certain types of plants that grow best upside down. Tomato plants that grow well in pots also grow well upside down. The popular types for pots are the Bragger, Brandywine, Celebrity, Delicious, Early Girl, Fantastic, Floradel, Husky Gold, Oregon Spring, Stupice and Walter. Indeterminate and cherry tomato plants are also an option just make sure you are prepared for the length since you do not want to stumble around your floor.

Tip 2: Water Is Essential

If you decide to grow tomatoes upside down, you will need to consider the manner in which you water them. Obviously, you can't water them the way you water potted tomato plants. These tomatoes will be suspended above the ground so you will need to use a hose pipe or a water wand extension to reach high places. This will make watering easier and hassle free. Water them once a day or twice if necessary during summer.

Remember to water them regularly since the roots of your upside down tomato plant can't absorb the same level of moisture as the roots of tomato plants planted in the garden.

Tip 3: The Denser The Better

A good soil makes or breaks your tomato plant. The roots of your plant absorb nutrients from the soil so it is important to give them a good and enriching soil. For tomato plants grown upside down, the denser the soil the more it retains moisture and stops excess drainage which is a problem for upside down tomato plants. Regular potting soil is find but if you really want your soil to be dense, use garden soil mixed with peat moss and vermiculite.

Tip 4: Start Them Young

To prepare your tomato plant in growing upside down, plant them in a small pot. This ensures that the root ball is small enough to fit into a hole note bigger than 3 inches in diameter.

When you're ready to transplant, help them to get used to the idea of plying upside down by laying the plant on its side outdoors for a few days. This makes sure that the underside of the leaves of your plant will get used to receiving sunlight.

Tip 5: Location Is Everything

You tomato plant will need lots of sunlight for essential nutrients so it is important to position your plant well within the range of sunlight. Your upside down plant will need 6 or 8 hours of direct sunlight. Be wary though, sunlight may be important but shade is too. Too much heat and it can reduce the moisture in the soil so make sure to keep most of the root bag in the shade.

A great technique to employ is to hang your bag next to a wall that will receive sunlight because the reflected heat will help your plant.

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